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Free Loop Community

Musicians, DJs, Re-Mixologists!  There is a community you can join to submit and obtain free Loops called Looperman.com!  It’s an audio resource site. Check it out and add some content. Hits: 0

Incredible Features, Unbeatable Value – It seems to be true!

Incredible Features, Unbeatable Value  – It seems to be true! For the music and DJ inclined there is a cool FREE software you owe it to yourself to try!   In addition to the standard DJ fare of mixing, beat looping and time stretching this one has something most do not, for free.  This one has…

Resources for MODest music people!

Surprise! Here’s something fun! I just happened across some sites that still support knowledge of MOD music. Back in the day we used to create music on our computers in this format well before MP3s were even dreamed up.  We used sequencer tools called “trackers” to create amazing things. Check out these sites for information,…