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How to detect a tape device in Acronis 11.5

If the tape device is ever unplugged for any reason Acronis indicates a need to re-detect the device. The documentation lacks any pictures and the text is very vague where you find this option to do this. It is buried several layers deep.  Here is a screenshot of the location for this option. Note the…

How to configure email alerts for Acronis 11.5 backup tasks

Quick and dirty: Here’s a screenshot of the email alerts configuration window:   Hits: 2

Exported Virtual Machine boots to 7B BSOD

Yes, a Dell logo. But when props are due someone I don’t mind giving them. A little bit ago I had been a long time Acronis Enterprise user for our server backup and restores. Not long ago I began testing an updated  Acronis 11.5. During restore tests I began to get the BSOD with the…

Acronis 10 (ABR) Fails Backup hangs.

I have had a failing backup on Acronis ABR 10. Thought I’d share this quick note about what allowed the backup to continue. After cleaning the Temp folder and restarting these services: Acronis Managed Machine Service Acronis Remote Agent Acronis Scheduler2 Service The backup started and worked fine!   Hits: 25

Installing a Dell Powervault LTO6 Tape Drive – Server 2008

I needed to configure a Dell Powervault LTO6 Tape Drive (model CSEH 001) on a server running Windows 2008 R2 x64. This seems like it should be straight forward but that is not the case. The proper SAS card is installed in the server the tape drive is plugged in. Windows device manager sees the…

Acronis: Restoring Backup to Dissimilar Hardware. ABR10

Just a quick item. I have had to look-up information on Acronis 10 restoring to dissimilar hardware. Instead of combing through their KB articles I am adding the reference here. Clicky It! Restoring-to-Dissimilar-Hardware-with-Acronis-Backup-Recovery-10-Universal-Restore-_-Knowledge-Base   Hits: 35