Resources for MODest music people!

Surprise! Here’s something fun!
I just happened across some sites that still support knowledge of MOD music. Back in the day we used to create music on our computers in this format well before MP3s were even dreamed up.  We used sequencer tools called “trackers” to create amazing things.

Check out these sites for information, tools and much musical goodness. Expand your mind! Clicky the name Links below!


Based on the tracker concept, MadTracker provides a clean and intuitive interface for a powerful and efficient approach to making music.

The Mod Archive

…one of the world’s largest collections of music modules.

MODPlug Central

MODPlug Central is the place to download free music software for creating and playing back original compositions on your computer, as well as discover some great free music uploaded by other artists!


OpenMPT (short hand for Open ModPlug Tracker) is completely free and allows you to create and play back some great music on your computer.

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