Pretty Complete Guide To Moving Outlook to a new Windows computer

Step 5: Add Your Existing Data File (.PST) to the Profile – and live again!

If you have an Outlook data file (*.PST) you want to use as the default account in your new profile, choose the option to manually configure account after Auto Setup is finished. Choose to use an existing data file and select the .pst file you moved from the other computer.


If you did not select to manually configure the account and returned to the Profile dialog, follow these steps. Do not open Outlook until you change the .PST.

  1. Select the newly created profile then click Properties.
  2. Click Data files button to open the Account Settings dialog to the Data files tab.
  3. Click Add then browse to your existing .PST file.
  4. If you are asked to select a .PST format, choose Outlook Personal File. Click OK
  5. Select your existing .PST file.
  6. You can enter a friendly name or just click OK to return to the Account Settings dialog.
  7. Click the Set as Default button.
  8. Select the .PST Outlook created when it created the profile and click Remove. If you want, click Open folder to find and delete this .PST.

Close the dialogs.

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