Pretty Complete Guide To Moving Outlook to a new Windows computer

Step 4: More Settings – more is more better!

If you clicked Finish and returned to the Profile selection dialog, select your profile and click Properties to get to the More Settings button.

Configure additional server options in the More Settings dialog, including leaving mail on the server (for POP3 accounts) and alternate SMTP ports.

Outlook 2010 users with IMAP accounts can select Sent items and Deleted Items folders. (Outlook 2013 queries the IMAP server for the Sent and Deleted items folders to use, therefore you can’t select the Sent and Deleted folders in More Settings.)

General tab: Enter a Reply to Address, if using an address different from your account address on the first screen. (Most people don’t enter a reply address.)


Outgoing Server tab: Configure your outgoing server authentication. Many ISPs now require SMTP authentication. If you aren’t sure, check your mail provider’s support website.


Advanced tab: Configure alternate ports (if used) for incoming and going email on this tab and set POP3 accounts to leave mail on the server, if desired.

If you use auto-account setup to configure the account, the correct ports may be entered for you.

If you aren’t sure – ask your mail provider!

Click OK when you are finished configuring More Settings then click Next to exit the New Profile wizard.

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