Pretty Complete Guide To Moving Outlook to a new Windows computer

Get the other Outlook support files – we are important too!

Paste the following line into the address bar to go to the support files.


In this folder you’ll have the NK2 (autocomplete nickname file, Outlook 2007), or autocomplete stream files (Outlook 2013/2016), SRS (send and receive settings), XML (navigation pane and account configuration), outlprnt (printer configuration) and OTM (VBA project files).

If you are using macros, you’ll need to move the VBA file. You may want to copy the NK2 or autocomplete stream file to the new computer so you have your autocomplete list. (Either will need to be renamed to replace the file your new profile creates.) The SRS and XML files corrupt easily and don’t recommend moving them.

Ribbon customization (.officeUI files) are stored in  “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office” 

also known as: (%localappdata%\Microsoft\Office)

You can export your customization from the application or copy the officeUI files from this folder.

Rules are stored in the .PST but to be safe, export them to an RWZ file.


Also export names on the safe and blocked senders lists. Export all 3 safe/blocked lists (if they contain names).


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