Before Google there was AltaVista

  Here is an interesting article about life before Google ! Check it out!! AltaVista Search Technology – The Glory Days & Death By Google Hits: 13

Important AS400 Messages

Definition The active status of the initial thread of the job. This is the status of a job as displayed by the iSeries command WRKACTJOB Value range No status – A blank status field represents a job that is in transition or is not active. BSCA – Waiting in a pool activity level for the…

TIP: View TCP connection on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

To view TCP connections on a Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 machine use PowerShell. Type       get-nettcpconnection    in the PowerShell command line.   This will list out the recent TCP connections. Output will look something like this: Look at all that informative goodness!!     Hits: 11

How to configure email alerts for Acronis 11.5 backup tasks

Quick and dirty: Here’s a screenshot of the email alerts configuration window:   Hits: 3

Mandatory User profiles

Did you know you can create a specific user profile that displays only specific desktops to users when they login?  The good news is this is a perpetual thing. No matter what a user changes, when they logoff the changes are not stored. Straight from Microsoft’s site: “A mandatory user profile is a special type…

Citrix Default Printer Not Mapped Properly within ICA Session

I sometimes ran into issues with Mapped printers in Citrix. I found this Article on Citrix Support site (CTX104375) updated as of April 14th 2016. ( Default Printer not Mapped Properly within ICA Session Symptoms or Error The default printer is not mapped properly within the ICA session. The default printer cannot be property set…

Exported Virtual Machine boots to 7B BSOD

Yes, a Dell logo. But when props are due someone I don’t mind giving them. A little bit ago I had been a long time Acronis Enterprise user for our server backup and restores. Not long ago I began testing an updated  Acronis 11.5. During restore tests I began to get the BSOD with the…