Hey! My User profile is missing from my Windows 10 Login Screen!! :(


I had a unique issue today that I had not seen before.  A user had contacted our team stating they were logging in and being told they were on a temporary profile.  No problem I thought. Seen it before, local profile so just jump the admin login and into the registry and look for the profile that ends in .BAK do the rename thing logoff and let them login and Pete’s your taco!









Only thing was, there was no .BAK file and the users folder was right there on the C: drive where it was supposed to be. I did what we do and rebooted the machine.  To the astonishment of all the user profile name no was no longer showing on the Windows 10 logon Screen.  The other two profiles were there but not this user’s.  I jumped back into the Admin profile and verified the user folder existed and again the registry profile was fine.  What in the world was this dark voodoo!?? What evil had they committed the night before to bring this foul event upon them???

After the passing thoughts we resigned to create a new user profile and move the contents into it and setup all the share blah blah blah tech babble blah!

Just before that button the big red one (figuratively speaking) was pushed I had an idea and exclaimed out loud, “BUT WAIT! There’s more!”

Somewhere from the dimly lit catacombs of my brain among the empty bottles …. wait edit that out later…. discarded sticky notes and Diet Pepsi bottles and energy drinks a thought drifted upward to a point that my brain stuff lit a light bulb!  I had no idea if this would work but somehow I went with the gut feeling it was going to work because when a thought spends that kind if effort to rise to the surface it has to be significant or one of those bad ideas you tell stories about that always start with “one night when I was drinking….”

This was that kind of idea except without the backstory.  Since this was a local user and not a domain user I asked the team to get back in and look for the user in Administrative Tool > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups> Users and see if the profile existed.  It did! EUREKA!!!  I had the team change the user from a STANDARD user to an ADMINISTRATOR on that machine then reboot it.


VOILA!! Tom and Jerry fell in love!!!   The user profile re-appeared on the Windows 10 login screen and it worked flawlessly.  We logged off that profile and back in as admin and reset the user to STANDARD user access and rebooted again .  The fix was in all was good in the land and I’m The Maker!!

Say it with me people!!!

So sayeth the shepherd!!!!   SO SAYETH THE FLOCK


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