Going RETRO for fun for a short time!


Welcome Back To Techbastards/2 !   The re-launch.
Going to run with the retro theme for a short time while I recover the content. It’s kind of fun to revisit how it used to be!

Techbastards has been online since 2011 in various capacities on various hosting.  I settled on Hostgator to place my web presence.  There are pros and cons with all web hosts and it really is an individual choice as to what matters to you for your site.

For me, security, speed, backups, support all matter.  With Hostgator most of this was good.  The automatic script installer is not one of the standard  programs that most hosts offer and thus had a very limited number of scripts to choose from.  Many were were severely out of date even though the authors had in fact updated the scripts. This leads to scripts with very ugly security holes available to install.

I am sure Hosgator has it’s reason for lagging behind on so many scripts.  Most individuals, like me, that want a web presence choose a standard “inexpensive” web hosting package. That means there are many people that are not programmers that can choose to install one of these outdated insecure scripts.  Inexpensive web hosting generally involves many people placing there websites on the same server.  Insecure scripts could allow a hacker to access the whole server and all our sites or control the entire sever. Not good. After some hacking incidents that looked to me like a server breach for exactly the reasons I just outlined, I chose to shutdown all my websites on that host.

I like to play and explore the scripts. I  wanted a host that had been around on the web host scene for awhile. I moved over to GoDaddy hosting.  I feel GoDaddy plays the bait and switch game.  Cheap initial offering then providing a nearly useless amount of resources (ram and cpu) for your site. I have helped several GoDaddy basic hosting users with their sites and they all have the same issues I was having. Extremely slow page loads at times.  I uploaded a picture that was 300×300 and it completely used all the 512 megs of ram and slowed the site to a crawl for nearly 15 minutes. Sometimes it is the CPU resource that maxes.  It would be fine for a single page website that makes minimal changes.  Go daddy offers a cheap price than hamstrings the resources and shows ads to upgrade to the more costly package to get what you really need.  Hostgator didn’t extort me that way.  I was honestly regretting the two year agreement I signed with GoDaddy.  Domain name purchases are fine there if you can get passed the barrage of tricks they try to get you to buy add-on services before checkout.  You really have to watch what you click as you work that process.

I was never satisfied enough with GoDaddy to bring my sites back online.  They remained down for almost the entire two years.  Not long ago I searched for a new host with 10 months left on my contract with GoDaddy.  I just couldn’t take it anymore. I want to be back online properly.

I found another hosting company and so far I am very happy.  TMD Hosting uses a standard Softlicious script installer with hundreds of scripts (to be fair there are some that are outdated but they are very popular with some users).  This brings to here and now…  Welcome to my mind!!

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