Citrix users left in Disconnected state at logoff

Your the Admin and you or the team get calls a user cannot login to their Citrix.  You use published Apps. Upon some research  you see they have a session showing “Disconnected” and you cannot log them off.  The session will just stay indefinitely.

One option is to reboot that VDA serer which will clear all the Disconnected stuck session.  Another is to see what applications are left open in the disconnected session.  Even if you have the auto disconnect policies configured and the idle out policy configured, a session can still become stuck in a disconnected state.

Why?  Excellent question.  In the last 12 years Citrix support still has not been able to answer that question definitively. nor provide a valid proven solution.

There is something you can try thou detailed in Citrix CTX891671. Support did not provide this article to me, I found it on my own after much research and facing exasperation and even dehydration.

To make this brief there is a registry entry that you can use to add applications that should be closed down at user logoff.  You cannot use most system applications like CRSS.exe (every user gets one of these when they sign on).  You can add applications you are publishing tot the end user.

Here is the key referenced in the article:


Important!: Do not place the executable name of the main published application in this key because this might result in failure to properly launch the published application. There is an issue if the main executable for the specified published application is not terminating correctly.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Determine if the application in question and its associated processes correctly exit on a windows workstation outside of a Terminal Services environment.
  2. If they do not, then it is possible that this mechanism might not work or it might be necessary to contact the application manufacturer.
  3. Add the process file name to the following registry key:
    Caution! Refer to the Disclaimer at the end of this article before using Registry Editor.
    Value Name:LogoffCheckSysModules

Note that warning in Yellow.  If the app is the main app and it opens a window for the user to see this key will not let it open so the app will not load.

Go Check out the CTX article for full details but perhaps this provides hope for someone having the issue.!

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