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ASCII Character Charts

Sometimes I need the ALT ASCII codes so here they are: Decimal Character Decimal Character 32 space 80 P 33 ! 81 Q 34 “ 82 R 35 # 83 S 36 $ 84 T 37 % 85 U 38 & 86 V 39 ‘ 87 w 40 ( 88 X 41 ) 89 Y…

Before Google there was AltaVista

  Here is an interesting article about life before Google ! Check it out!! AltaVista Search Technology – The Glory Days & Death By Google Hits: 13

TIP: Dell Auction Site? Really it’s real!!

  Looking for a deal on a newer computer?   Want a reputable brand that can warranty equipment but don’t want the brand new full price?   Check out the Dell auction site!   Did you even know they had this? Clicky the link above to open the Dell Auction Site! Hits: 6

7-31-18 Site News

  Hi there!   We, (as in me), have been busy with projects and planning for more articles and working on the site and relocating the TB HQ and much more.   I have recently added a classifieds section where I post projects and other items for sale.  Peek at it sometimes, you never know what…

Going RETRO for fun for a short time!

  Welcome Back To Techbastards/2 !   The re-launch. Going to run with the retro theme for a short time while I recover the content. It’s kind of fun to revisit how it used to be! Techbastards has been online since 2011 in various capacities on various hosting.  I settled on Hostgator to place my web…