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Before Google there was AltaVista

  Here is an interesting article about life before Google ! Check it out!! AltaVista Search Technology – The Glory Days & Death By Google Hits: 13

TIP: View TCP connection on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

To view TCP connections on a Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 machine use PowerShell. Type       get-nettcpconnection    in the PowerShell command line.   This will list out the recent TCP connections. Output will look something like this: Look at all that informative goodness!!     Hits: 11

Internet Explorer 6 for Windows 98

Fresh load of Windows 98?  Internet Explorer 5.0 installed by default?  Want the last version of IE but there is no longer a Microsoft Windows Update site for Windows 9x? Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 98, in case you did not know that. The version of Internet Explorer that ships with Windows 98SE is…

Going RETRO for fun for a short time!

  Welcome Back To Techbastards/2 !   The re-launch. Going to run with the retro theme for a short time while I recover the content. It’s kind of fun to revisit how it used to be! Techbastards has been online since 2011 in various capacities on various hosting.  I settled on Hostgator to place my web…