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Citrix Default Printer Not Mapped Properly within ICA Session

I sometimes ran into issues with Mapped printers in Citrix. I found this Article on Citrix Support site (CTX104375) updated as of April 14th 2016. ( Default Printer not Mapped Properly within ICA Session Symptoms or Error The default printer is not mapped properly within the ICA session. The default printer cannot be property set…

Citrix Client re-install Error 2320

You have a problem with your Citrix ICA client not launching apps.  You decide to remove the client from your PC and install the latest greatest version but when you try to use it again…. You get the Error number 2320! The cause is there are some registry keys that get jacked up in the…

Hotfix Rollup Pack 2 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Just a quick note.  If you are still running Citrix XenApp 6.5 make sure you are at least at this roll-up pack! I got to do this at 3 times for the old farm!! Yeah Me! Find it here:   Hits: 40