Backpack CDROM Drivers for DOS and Windows 3.1x


Working on an old laptop needed access to a CD-ROM from DOS, what to do?

I have restored an old laptop to the glory of DOS and Windows 3.1.
Loading DOS from Floppy was not too hard but I found soon after that the internal CD-ROM was not working after installing the generic MITSUMI cd-rom drivers.

I have a lot of software for old machines on CD-ROM that I needed to access so I broke out the old Backpack External CD-ROM. I had to dig online to find the drivers for this as well.

Here are the fruits of that labor. DOS and Windows 3.x drivers for this device. Hopefully it will save someone some headache somewhere down the line.

These might be modifiable to work with other external cd-roms as well.


->Backpack DOS and Windows 3.1 Drivers<- Clicky it!

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