5-19-19 Site News

A few little tweaks to Techbastards…   We have added back the sidebar Categorize as “Scattergories” to help find content faster . Also we added a search option below that “Find the Thing.”   We are hard at work on a sister site that will also share some content with us and us with them.  […]

How to Recover an unsaved Microsoft Office 2010 file

Microsoft Office has a fantastic feature built in where it can recover unsaved new documents. Now in order to use this feature, you will need to have Save Auto Recover information… and Keep the last auto saved version if I close without saving enabled inside Microsoft Office. Here is how to enable Auto Recover and[…]

Enable hidden Administrator account in Windows 7

Microsoft disabled the Administrator account in Windows 7 by default for security reasons. It is nice to have this enabled as a backup if your main user profile becomes corrupted or infected. Here is ow to turn on the hidden Administrator account. There are a few ways to enable this account but the fastest seems[…]