Just the FAQs

What are .IMZ files?

If needed a floppy disk can be compressed like a zip file.  If the floppy disk had a special format or setup simply compressing the contents and copying it may not be enough to restore the files for use later to another floppy disk.  To do so you would need to make an image of the disk much like making the image of a CDROM.

A floppy disk image is stored typically in .IMA format.  CDROMS images are most often in .ISO format. Floppy images have a standard extension of IMA.  These images can be compressed similar to a ZIP file into IMZ files.  Programs such as Winimage or Winrar can un-compress IMZ files back into IMA files.  IMA files can also be extracted with Winimage or Winrar.  We recommend Winimage as it can extract them back onto floppies for use that will act exactly like the original source floppy.


Do you have customer service?

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