DESQview – Multitasking before there was Multitasking.

  Before there was Windows and it’s ability to emulate multitasking in a single tasking graphical environment there was DOS.  Dos did not multitask.  The minds at Quarterdeck created a solution for true multitasking in a DOS environment and called it DESQview. Wikipedia has some pretty good information on DESQview. HERE <-Clicky the link to[…]

C:\> DOS Stuff DOS Networking Packet Driver Hell!

One of the toughest things about using DOS is trying to establish network or internet connectivity. In a world in which we are accustomed to plug and play integration, DOS can feel like your hands are tied in every direction you reach. Especially if you need connectivity. In dos we have to use “Packet Drivers”[…]

Backpack External CDROM Drivers for Windows 95 and NT

I recently posted a link to download the Backpack External CD-ROM drivers for DOS and Win3.x. These may work with 98 and ME as well. Here are the same drivers for Windows 95 and NT.   BACKPACK 95_NT   Here is a user guide from 2010 that may be of assistance as it references Windows 95,[…]